Pacific Star Communications

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Pacific Star Communications, Inc. (“PacStar”) provides advanced, Commercial Off-the-Shelf-based tactical communications small form factor hardware, software and integrated solutions that address critical U.S. DoD and commercial needs for mobility, ease of use, and security. The Company is also the creator of its patented IQ-Core Software which makes complex communications systems management, including cyber-security software and hardware, intuitive and easy-to-use. PacStar was founded in 2000.  

Endeavour was attracted to PacStar’s unique ability to address the growing demand for small form factor tactical communications. After developing a relationship with the executive team over many years, Endeavour invested in PacStar in 2018 to support continued growth in product solutions aligned with customer needs. During Endeavour’s investment, PacStar experienced significant growth in its hardware and software platforms. In late 2020, PacStar management and Endeavour exited the Company to a defense-focused strategic buyer, Curtiss-Wright.