Pacific Market International

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Pacific Market International (“PMI”) designs, manufactures and markets food and beverage containers. The Company’s most recognizable brand, Stanley, is over 100 years old and sold globally. PMI also creates beverageware and other brand-building solutions for select global retailers, including Starbucks. In addition to its headquarters in Seattle, PMI had offices in Shanghai, Amsterdam, Manila, and Rio de Janeiro. The Company was founded in 1983 by Rob Harris.

Endeavour developed a relationship with Harris over nearly ten years. In late 2015, Endeavour approached PMI with the idea to acquire Formation Brands (“Formation”). Formation was a California-based company which made everyday beverage and specialty gift housewares for national and independent retailers.  

During Endeavour’s partnership with the business, the Company executed the acquisition of Formation, sold an underperforming brand, re-launched the Stanley brand with a new logo and branding, and strengthened its partnership with Starbucks.

Endeavour, Rob, and the other shareholders sold the business in 2021 to HAVI, a company based in Illinois that provides similar services and products to other global brands.