Johnny Was

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Johnny Was, LLC (“Johnny Was”) designs, markets and sells “boho chic,” “vintage-inspired” women’s apparel and accessories in the U.S. and internationally through wholesale, retail, and ecommerce channels. The Company was founded in 1987 by Eli Levite, an entrepreneur and design visionary, and has become a premiere brand in the women’s “affordable luxury” apparel category. The Johnny Was brand is known for uniquely beautiful and high-quality garments distinguished by colorful patterns, intricate embroidery, and great design.

Endeavour developed a relationship directly with the founder and his family and was attracted to Johnny Was’ strong culture, unique product offering, and compelling, omnichannel growth potential. In 2015, Endeavour partnered with Eli and his family to provide partial liquidity to the shareholders and support the expansion of the brand. With the addition of CEO, Rob Trauber, and other key executive talent alongside the long-standing team, the Company pursued growth through product-line extensions, geographic expansion, deeper channel penetration, and direct-to-consumer initiatives. In 2022, Endeavour and other shareholders sold their full interest in the Company to Oxford Industries, a publicly traded apparel business committed to supporting and growing the Johnny Was brand and team.