Columbia Distributing Company
Consumer, Industrials

Columbia Distributing (“Columbia”) is the largest beer and non-alcoholic beverage distribution company in the Pacific Northwest with operations throughout Oregon and Washington. Columbia distributes Miller Beer and Coors brands, micro-brewed beers, imported beers, and a variety of natural and non-alcoholic beverages.

Endeavour originally partnered with Ed Maletis and Ron Fowler in 1993 to purchase the Columbia Beverage Division from the Maletis family and the Miller branch from Miller Brewing. Endeavour helped Columbia grow through five significant company mergers and acquisitions and a number of brand acquisitions to become the largest diversified beverage distributor in the region, generating over eight times its original sales revenue. In 2006, Endeavour distributed its ownership in Columbia to its limited and general partners.

In 2008, fifteen years after its original investment, Endeavour participated in the consolidation of Columbia Distributing, Mt. Hood Beverage and Gold River Distributing. Columbia is now one of the largest diversified beverage distributors in the country.

Endeavour and the family shareholders sold the Company in 2012, after a nearly twenty year partnership.