SpeeCo, Inc.
Consumer, Industrials

SpeeCo was a manufacturer of agricultural equipment sold to small and mid-sized farmers and ranchers. Products include three-point linkage parts (pins, top links, draw bars, ball sockets), whole goods (log splitters and post hole diggers), and other farm and ranch accessories. Speeco’s products are sold through farm and ranch supply stores. The Company also provides outsourced manufacturing services to original equipment manufacturers in the agricultural industry.

Endeavour was introduced to SpeeCo in 2004 by a Denver-based investor group that co-invested in the Company. During Endeavour’s involvement, SpeeCo more than doubled its profitability and retired 100% of its transaction debt. In 2006, SpeeCo acquired a major competitor in its linkage parts product line.

Endeavour and the other shareholders sold the Company in 2008.