GlobalWide Media
Technology & Business Services

GlobalWide Media (“GlobalWide”) is a digital marketing company that partners with the world’s leading brands and agencies to deliver tailored digital media solutions. Headquartered in Westlake Village, California, the Company connects brands with custom audiences across display, search, mobile, social, and email channels. With offices in Los Angeles, California; Victoria, London; and Hong Kong, GlobalWide provides high conversion rates and broad distribution for its advertising customers, which ensures repeat business and high revenue-per-click. The Company was founded in 2006 by Farshad and Frank Fardad.

Endeavour partnered with the founders in 2012 to help GlobalWide achieve the next stage of its growth, with a focus on expanding its distribution capabilities. Endeavour was attracted to the Company’s industry experience, strong cash flow characteristics, growth potential and company culture. Endeavour assisted with augmenting the management team to lead the growth strategy. Shortly after the partnership was formed, Endeavour funded a strategic acquisition that expanded GlobalWide’s advertiser and distribution relationships. Today, GlobalWide operates a global performance-based digital marketing business that is helping some of the largest brands reach their desired audiences. GlobalWide completed a management-led recapitalization and Endeavour exited its investment in 2018 after a six-year partnership.