Andavi Solutions
Technology & Business Services

Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, Andavi Solutions, LLC (“Andavi”) provides software and data analytics solutions to the food and beverage (“F&B”) industry.

Andavi was formed in 2020 by an experienced software executive team in partnership with Endeavour, with the mission of building a leading technology platform in the F&B segment through a combination of strategic acquisitions and organic growth. Andavi is led by President & COO Lisa Whinnie, who previously held leadership roles at Anju Software and AFS Technologies. Kurien Jacob serves as Lead Director of Andavi and brings decades of leadership experience as a repeat software CEO.

In 2021, Andavi completed the acquisition of GreatVines Inc. (“GreatVines”), a leading sales execution and CRM software provider serving beverage alcohol suppliers and distributors. GreatVines offers enterprise-level sales execution analytics that help transform transactional data into actionable intelligence for more efficient, effective beverage sales and trade marketing. Endeavour and the Andavi team look forward to building upon GreatVines’ success by accelerating product innovation and organic growth, while pursuing complementary acquisitions.