Port Logisitics, since renamed Whiplash, was formed in 2008 through the acquisition of several regional logistics providers and is now the nation’s leading provider of gateway logistics services.

In 2014, Endeavour and members of the Company’s management team invested in Whiplash to provide liquidity to existing shareholders and to support acquisitions and key organic growth initiatives. In 2021, Endeavour, management, and other shareholders sold their full interest in the Company to Ryder System, Inc.

Opinions and statements expressed herein, including any such statements that could be considered an endorsement, are intended to illustrate Endeavour’s experience and working relationship with management teams of current and former portfolio companies, including with respect to Endeavour’s capabilities as a business partner, rather than an endorsement of Endeavour’s capabilities or expertise with respect to investment advisory services. Portfolio company executives were not directly or indirectly compensated in connection with their provision of quotes or other participation in the creation of these materials, although they generally receive unrelated compensation, and potentially, investment opportunities in connection with their portfolio company senior management roles, and in certain cases are also investors in Endeavour-sponsored vehicles. In addition, in the event a successful exit is obtained by Endeavour from a portfolio company, current and former portfolio company management teams would receive a substantial financial benefit from their equity stake in the portfolio company. Such compensation and investment opportunities subject participants to potential conflicts of interest in making favorable statements herein.