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Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Fi-Holdings is a collective of value- added manufacturing companies providing digital displays, visual merchandising, design solutions and advanced sheet metal and plastic manufacturing capabilities. The Company primarily serves the gaming industry, as well as the medical industry, through its manufacturing and assembly facilities and its design studio, and is uniquely positioned as a vertically-integrated provider of cabinets, merchandising, design and field service solutions. The Company was founded in 2001 by John McBeath as eyefi.

Endeavour developed a relationship with John and was attracted to the Company’s value proposition, innovation-oriented culture, and strategic product roadmap. In 2016, Endeavour invested in eyefi to support the Company in its next stage of growth, including the expansion into new products and services within the gaming industry.

In 2017 and 2018, Endeavour assisted eyefi in its acquisition of southfi, a San Diego-based precision sheet metal manufacturer, and its acquisition of fabrifi, a Seattle-based plastics solutions provider. The acquisitions helped eyefi expand into the manufacturing of slot machine cabinets and medical products in addition to merchandising, design and field service solutions. The combination created Fi Holdings, a one-stop shop capable of serving all gaming OEM hardware and design needs.